I would love to take a pic like this when we have our first ultrasound. SUPER cute!

Custom Photo Editing Maternity Pregnancy Baby Ultrasound Art $25.00 @PP_Designs @Etsy

This is so cute, they projected the ultrasound photo onto the belly, cool!!

Not necessarily a mind-blowingly unique idea, but still cute. I'd would have liked one like this of us during our pregnancy.

Mason has the perfect little belly for a pic like this...hopefully he'll still have it when we have another one on the way so we can do this :)

My friend announcing their pregnancy!! So stinking cute.

Maternity pic with ultrasound

Ultrasound picture pose

Get your groove back after baby! With the help of this Bamboo Belly Bandit you will be in your pre-pregnancy jeans in no time! #PNshop

I am going to do this with our next ultrasound picture :)

Cutest picture EVER... and 15 Awesome Gender Reveals

Maternity Photo!

Maternity Photo Ideas @ http://lightingworldbay.com for more information - you may need to look around the site

This is a cute way to remember the baby names you went through before actually choosing one

Stylish Eve - Maternity Poses with Ultrasound pictures


cute pregnancy/baby picture


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