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I pinned this sleeve before but not with this many different angles. Love it.

Gorgeous geometric tattoo, thinking of getting something along these lines. - Imgur

50 Insanely Gorgeous Nature Tattoos. ~ LOVE,LOVE,LOVE➕💜❗️⭐️❗️💟❗️💋❗️💕❗️💋❗️💟❗️⭐️❗️💜➕‼️‼️‼️➕‼️

:) giraffe. I like this design also! of course if i get it as a tattoo, it wouldn't be in color. lol well maybe if I got it on the bottom of my foot!

soooo sexy.....but i don't have the guts!

The down facing triangle is a symbol of femininity. I like these, even though they aren't triangle.

Would be a sweet tattoo. I think ill do water behind my turtle..

arm or the back of your legs in my mind^^ would never get, but still so neat

i would do this for sunny lol maybe have the cat be orange and the roses black and white