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  • Alexandra Punales


  • Marti Reed

    Funny Confession Ecard: You know it's time for a pedicure when you can exfoliate one foot with the other one.

  • Jessica Glasscock

    This is so funny. And true...

  • Tessa Vannatta

    Story of my life! Wish I didn't have dinosaur feet!

  • Cindy Escalera

    You know it's time for a pedicure when you can exfoliate one foot with the other one - LOL! We say, keep feet feeling silky smooth in between pedicures with the Qtica Intense Overnight Foot Repair Balm -

  • Nikki Walker

    Ewwww! Nasty!!! Hahaha

  • Amy Allen

    So disgusting but so very on the money!

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