I would hide here all day.

I want to curl up in here. Dream nook.

lock me away for hours...

so cool. i want a secret room in my house.

I love this idea.

And this Southern-style nook.

Dutch cupboard beds have always delighted me. This is especially nice because there is a window. -> 13 Functional Hideaway Bed Design Ideas (4)

Bed in a closet! So the whole room is open! And it looks so cozy.


Reading nook. I would never leave this place.

attic theater. So cool! Everyone can fall asleep and stay put!

I wish I had a nook like that..

Love this! Aaahhh I think this is a must!

Click the picture the "100 things to do before you die" is really the best part.

Love this bed!

Kids' room

This is so amazing! Love to sleep here, but then I'd probably never get out



THEY MADE NARNIA!! Awesome parenting!

3 small bookcases= reading nook. Love this idea!