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8 Healing Herbs You Can Grow

8 Healing Herbs You Can Grow • I chose eight of my top fav healing herbs for the garden based on how easy they are to use and prepare at home, and also how easy they are to grow in most gardens.

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Grow Your Own Perennial Herb Container Garden

You can grow herbs just about anywhere. Great idea for your kitchenn garden at

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How to Plant a Small Herb Garden

Herb Garden Plants

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How to Design a Beautiful Herb Garden

Herb Garden Plant Design

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How to Layout a Herb Garden

What Kind of Herbs Grow Well Together in a Container Planter? | eHow


Best indoor Plants

Avocado Plant ~ Take the avocado pit and push the flat end into a six-inch pot of moist, multi-purpose soil. Leave the pointy end exposed. Keep the plant at about 65° F until the first leaf shoots appear. Aftet that, it likes normal room temperatures. To encourage upward growth, pinch off new buds when they appear below the top leaves on the plant stalk. With proper care, in three years your Avocado will grow to an elegant, large-leaved houseplant about 3 feet tall.

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Watermelon Fertilizer Schedule – Tips For Watermelon Feeding In The Garden

Fertilizing Watermelons: What Fertilizers To Use On Watermelon Plants - Growing your own watermelon may take a bit of work but is definitely rewarding. In order to get the sweetest, juiciest melon, what kind of fertilizer do you need to use on watermelon plants? This article will help answer that.

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Five things you will need if you're planting seeds for the first time

when to plant

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The Correct Way to Pick Basil Leaves

The Correct Way to Pick Basil Leaves (Holly, please remember to read this after planting basil in the garden next spring.)

Looking for a unique houseplant, try an air plant. We love Xerographica (variety pictured) air plants for their size, color, and interesting texture.


How to Propagate Basil – For Pennies!

How to propagate Basil

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Watch out for poison oak & ivy

Good to know what these plants look like...

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How to Save a Dying Basil Plant in a Pot

How to Save a Dying Basil Plant in a Pot (with Pictures)