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Plants That Help Keep the Bugs Away

by Laura Reynolds
With all the garden pests that chomp on leaves, stems and roots, it's nice that some plants fight back. They produce essential oils that make their parts offensive to insect predators. For example, you might want to plant a patch of catnip (Nepeta cataria) even if you haven't got a cat or herbs when...

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Spray your zucchini plants once a week with a solution of 1 part milk to 9 parts water. You can use any kind of milk available. This will keep your plants from getting powdery mildew, a serious threat to zucchini plants.

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  • Lyn Goyette

    It's 17 degrees in Northern Michigan. Tonight is going to be -3. I have cabin fever & the only fun I have outside is shoveling snow. AGAIN!

  • larry anglin

    well lyn I left cicero,ill. about 21 years ago and I don't think I moved far enough south. HA! HA! HA!

  • Lyn Goyette

    "Hey" Larry. You're fortunate to live in a warmer climate. I do not enjoy these bitter cold winters anymore. We can't even think about planting anything until the end of May; if then. We have a shorter growing season than states below us. SO anxious for spring!

  • larry anglin

    yea lyn I know Michigan well I drove a truck into port huron,and Detroit on many winter nights Also done some hunting around Cadillac and some skiing at mt. holiday. And fished the little Manistee for brown trout.

  • Debra Grooms

    Thanks, I will use this this spring.

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