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  • Cristina Barbara

    La felicitación familiar de Marie-Chantal de Grecia

  • Florencia

    Marie Chantal y familia desean Felíz Día de la Madre

  • tiarafan

    Noblesse & Royautés » Greek Royal Family celebrate Mother's Day (in England-it's the fourth Sunday during Lent): l-r Maria Olympia, Aristide, Marie Chantal, Constantine, Pavlos; front l-r Achileas and Oldysseas

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Noblesse et Royautés: 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration for King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie, Athens, Greece, September 17, 2014-Crown Princess (Marie Chantal) and Crown Prince Pavlos with Queen Anne-Marie

Noblesse & Royautés » Greek Royal Family on a Visit to Loannina, Greece-l-r Queen Anne Marie, Prince Nikolaus, Prince Achileas, King Constantine, Prince Constantine, Crown Prince Pavlos

Crown Prince Pavlos,Crown Princess Marie-Chantal,Princess Maria-Olympia,Prince Constantine,Prince Achileas,Prince Odysseas & Prince Aristidis of Greece

PavlosandMarieChantalFamily arie-Chantal and Pavlos have five children: Princess Maria-Olympia (1996), Prince Constantine Alexios (1998), Prince Achileas-Andreas (2000), Prince Odysseas-Kimon (2004), Prince Aristidis-Stavros (2008).

Marie-Chantal's Fashion Show-Pavlos and Marie-Chantal with Constantine Alexios, Maria-Olympia and niece Isabel Getty.

queensofias: The Greek Royals at the Parthenon, March 2014-front-Prince Achileas, Prince Aristide, Crown Princess Pavlos (Marie Chantal), Prince Constantine, Prince Odysseas and Queen Anne Marie; back-Crown Prince Pavlos, Prince Philippos, Princess Maria Olympia and Princess Theodora.

royalwatcher: At the Valentino exhibit with Marie-Chantal's wedding dress behind them-Marie-Chantal, King Constantine, Princess Maria-Olympia, Queen Anne Marie

Crown Prince Pavlos with his 2 eldest sons, Prince Constantine-Alexios (R), and Prince Achileas-Andreas, looking very much like a girl.

queensofias: Photo posted by Marie-Chantal on Instagram-King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie with their grandchildren, the children of Crown Prince and Princess Pavlos-Maria Olympia, Achileas, Odysseas, Aristidis and Constantine

Noblesse et Royautés: 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration for King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie, Athens, Greece, September 17, 2014-Princess (Tatiana) and Prince Nikolaos

royabluesecrets: The Greek Royal Family's Christmas Card (1998): Top-l-r Princess Alexia, Prince Nikolaos, Princess Theodora, Prince Philippos, Crown Prince Pavlos with his wife Marie-Chantal and their daughter Maria-Olympia. Seated-Queen Anne-Marie and King Constantine II.

thegreekroyals: Arietta Morales (daughter of Princess Alexia), Princess Pavlos (Marie-Chantal), Princess Maria-Olympia, Prince Pavlos