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Gentle Hum,Daniel

Women Love Bad Boys: The Psychology Behind Why Women Go For The Assh*les

Such bullshit. Not "all" women go for bad boys/assholes. In fact, they are my worst nightmare. Give me a kind, considerate, consistent, honest, gentle, smart man over a "bad boy" any day!!!

Every now and again, you will feel a dull ache in your soul. A gentle humming around your heart. A long for something without a name. If i ever told you to obey anything, this would be it. Listen to the call of your authentic self; that part of you that lives just outside of your own skin. Let it have its way with you. I've died a hundred times trying to ignore it - Mia Hollow for everyone who loves to recycle and reuse party decor! You spent a lot of time and money planning your party, wedding, baptism, graduation, baby shower, etc... The party is over and you have tons of decorations and supplies you are probably going to store in a box and never use again.

I've fallen in love with an inanimate object. It may not whisper sweet nothings in my ear, but it sends out a gentle hum, gives me exactly...