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Flying Elephants, in any form, have a special meaning for me. So I really love this take on it.

balloon. Jackson Balloon Fest & Pics of the time Todd went up in a hot air balloon. Also reminds me I want to go to the balloon fest right near us.

There's just something so magical about them! Loved them since childhood :)

Austin Carlile, an Ohio native and deffinantly one of my Idols. He's so inspiring, these lyrics were to his mother who passed away when he was about the same age I am.

Beautiful hot air balloons photography {Part 2}

Viaja en globo y sueña. Espectacular combinación de colores #viaje

My aunt had one of these at her wedding! She gave it to me at the end of the reception (I was 4) and I remember being devastated because it popped before I could take it home. :0(

LOVE this! Can you see a bunch floating around a baby nursery?

Hot Air Balloon!!! - reminds me of aladdin for some reason when genie moves the palace after his master become jafar