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Should have tried this instead of just doing ice cubes during the hot weather!

"Ice Ice Baby" - 280 movie clips put together to re-create the song Ice Ice Baby. Someone had WAY TOO MUCH FREE TIME! But it's still amusing to watch.

Ice safety: General Ice Thickness Guidelines: Minnesota DNR

5 Fictional Bears and Whether They’d Kill You Smokey====Unlike their grizzly cousins, black bears are pretty timid. Smokey might charge if he felt threatened or thought you were starting a forest fire, but it would be a bluff to make you run away. Fight back and you’ll probably live … to tell the coolest story ever.

Ice kitty - shape of cat in glacier

Nice to have a picture...not sure how long these are going to last on this planet. Beautiful.

Climbing the Harding Ice-field trail in the rain, has its rewards. I stopped to admire glacier, only to find an adult black bear eating in front of a glowing blue glacier. (© Colin McCrindle) #

LITERATURE: Testing the Ice Q&A for Kids with author