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Mangrove Snake. Photo by Mickaël Léger | This snake looks like a sleek sports car.

Eyelash Viper by tylerkaraszewski on Flickr. "It's amazing how hard it is to find a bright yellow snake. They're supposed to be poisonous, but they're real mellow, so you don't need to worry about getting bitten unless you start poking the snake or picking it up."

Texas Rat Snake; Average Size: 42 to 72 inches (good reference - LS)

* Snake * <--snakes terrify me so much that I almost never go in the reptile house at a zoo, but this snakes's eyes are absolutely gorgeous. God is an amazing designer

The White-lipped Tree Viper, Trimeresurus Albolabris, is a venomous pitviper species found in Southeast Asia.

Imagine walking into your bathroom and seeing this heading out your window.

Now the serpent proved to be the most cautious of all of the wild beasts...that Jehovah God had made. - Genesis 3:1

Texas snake ID. Red meets yellow, kill a fellow. Red meets black, danger lack.