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Dapple Dachshund Puppy, what puppies would look like if I breed my 2 dachshunds! would be TOO hard to get rid of!

I repinned this because it literally made me say, out loud "Well, that was just too cute." when I got to the last picture.

In Honor of World Diabetes Day: Be Kind to Your Pancreas

I am such a dog person but seriously . a kitten is the cutest thing ever . and a baby panda . and a baby pengouin . I want them AAALLLL! my heart

I will squish him with love. Gently, of course.

Smallest doggie ever. how can I say no to this little sweet face? OMG, how much is that doggie in the window?

I am lazy.

Stairs are hard so my dog! doxies have this issue cause they have long bodies. my dog used to slide her booty down the stair so she didnt fall.

Puppy love

We need to work on your kissing skills. <--- Definitely a depiction of my first kiss.

Holy cuteness!

20 Puppies Cuddling With Their Stuffed Animals During Nap Time

This is so cute! Gray Pomski! Somebody get me one please!

You can't handle the cuteness of a Klee Kai puppy, a breed when full-grown, will be about the size of a Cocker Spaniel, and look like a mini-Husky. A husky puppy is just about as far as you can get on the cuteness scale in my opinion.