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I want to be with you more than Snape wanted to be with Lilly. And, since we're on the subject I also want to be a wizard - odd compliment

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A collection of daily odd compliments

Daily Odd Compliments lol IS this how you feel?

Daily Odd Compliment: You give me caterpillars. Which, as we all know, will eventually turn into butterflies. And that's just because I don't know you that well, yet

“Pink Starburst” Daily Odd Compliment

“Pink Starburst” daily odd compliment the punk one is my favorite

Daily Odd Compliment - This was last night.

Daily Odd Compliment - This was last night. And every other night.

Daily odd compliments pretty much describe my life

Daily Odd Compliment - 10

Funny pictures about I really appreciate that. Oh, and cool pics about I really appreciate that. Also, I really appreciate that.

Daily Odd Compliment reminds me of the brother

Hrubec Schmeltzer treadwell and I can talk for HOURS in nothing but Friends quotes. I'm sure she could do movies too, but my quotes knowledge is limited elsewhere. :o) I heart you, friend!

Oh, I am SO training my dog to do this!

You know you're a Potterhead when. this is a freaking amazing idea

“Fort” Daily Odd Compliment

My romance skills in a nutshell

Haha yep

Haha yep

Hahaha truths always funnier

Daily Odd Compliment: Being with you is like listening to my favorite song. Except when I like a song I tend to play it too much and then I get sick of it, and I always do that and I don't know why. Whereas I simply never get sick of you

Hehe mwa miss u

daily odd compliments are my favorite!

And probably because you'd be like "what are you doing?"...

Daily Odd Compliment - Page 3 of 94 on imgfave

I want to run away with you.  Actually, that's not true.  I want to walk away with you.  Running sucks.

Daily Odd Compliment Running is aweful.

Harry Potter party. Wha!! #harrypotter #party Hope my (ONE DAY!) kids love harry potter too!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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