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The influence of Foursquare 꽤 수긍이 가는 자료임  <포스퀘어 영향력>  -검색:59% 사용자가 포스퀘어를 통해 일주에 한번은 로컬 비즈니스를 검색  -이용:86% 사용자가 하루에 한번은 포스퀘어 플레이스에 체크인  -48% 사용자에게 포스퀘어 뱃지는 매우 중요  -58% 사용자가 특정 포스퀘어 뱃지를 따러 플레이스를 방문하곤 함  -59% 사용자가 가려는 장소를 결정하는데 포스퀘어가 영향력을 미침   -45% 사용자가 장소결정할때 포스퀘어 팁을 중요시여김  -76% 사용자가 시장지위를 잃으면 타이틀을 따기 위해 자주 그 장소를 방문할 뜻을 밝힘  -20% 사용자가 시장을 알기에 플레이스를 간다고 함  -51% 사용자가 많은 이용자가 체크인 하는 장소를 안다면 거기에 갈것이라고 함

Are you a business that caters towards a local audience not using Foursquare yet? Have you asked yourself what is Foursquare? Foursquare has become a very

foursquare vs gowalla: location-based throwdown

Regardless of who developed what first, these networks may soon work their way into your own social circles. The big question: Which should you use?

Les marques Françaises sur Foursquare

Foursquare et le marketing territorial by TBWA\Corporate in Antislash

A History of the Business of Social Media...

A History of the Business of Social Media...

foursquare growing 10 million strong

This is one of 5 inforgraphics released when Foursquare hit 10 million users. Check them out on their site as they are interactive and great to view.

Me on the Foursquare Time Machine / "Top Morning Spot: SFO, Top Evening Spot: SFO, Top Afternoon Spot: SFO"

I just mapped my Foursquare history with the Foursquare Time Machine

Отличная #инфографика. 25 инструментальный ресурса для компаний, использующих социальное медиа. (Из ежедневной новостной ленты страницы ProfySpace-социальный бизнес:ИноМедиа https://www.facebook.com/ProfySpace)

25 Social Media tools to help grow your brand brand - Infographic

Willow is obsessed with learning. She already knows a few languages, so this might be helpful to her.

What are the hardest languages to learn?

What Are The Hardest Languages to Learn? The easiest and most difficult languages to learn for English Speakers