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    How many mixed tapes did you make? I used to listen to the New Zealand Top 10 every Wednesday night and the American Top 40 on Sunday afternoons (remember Casey Kasem?) to try and tape my favourite songs.

    tapes ~ I had a shoebox filled with my tapes (made from holding holding the tape recorder up to radio or tv)

    Remember doing this????

    MIX TAPE!!!

    Old School

    Lunch room Pizza......junk then and junk now........still square and crappy!

    VHS Tapes


    What would the '90s be without an overhead projector?

    School gardens

    Jack Rocks

    school box

    I actually had one of these in the 70's, but they were still going strong in the 80's, too. The pictures came on a card disc and were rather like the negatives you used to get with your photos using a 35mm camera.

    This was always an awesome day in school!

    Old School Paper Cutter

    Cool in school

    old school

    School water fountains

    Storybook cassettes...loved to read along with books on tape... *chime*

    I loved Spuds MacKenzie!! I had a poster in my locker!! ha ha haaa.. I was such a rebel...

    transistor radios