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Music= the cure for anything

This is so true, in my case anyhow. Whenever I feel despondent or down all I have to do is listen to the right songs and hey presto all is well. It puts me back on a level where I can think straight and contemplate - nothing feels that bad! So: "Thank You For The Music". This is why I despise people that resort to drugs and alcohol to get through life. A clear mind lets one see and appreciate the true pleasures of life. jp. - ps. Some songs hurt though.


Cadillac Ranch | 2014 |

Cadillac Ranch 1974 | Amarillo, TX

Artist is Fifax. Deemed appropriate since one our Granada team members just got back from NYC.

Brazen Honesty

Tis the season


Thanks for what you gave to the world. We'll miss you. "You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." RIP, Robin.

Keep Dreaming


Love what you do.

- Louis CK


RIP Maya Angelou. We'll miss you.

Sound advice.


Die Laughing


live music


Two thumbs up~

Roald Dahl