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  • Rachel Munoz

    I'm tired of posts like this. Twilight is in no way the same kind of story as Harry Potter, Star Wars, or The Hunger Games. Constantly criticizing the Bella figure for not being some form of weapon (or wand) waving Wonder Woman is ridiculous to me. No one ever constantly chastised Juliet for killing herself over a man she met days prior, but Bella Swan gets constantly ragged on for falling in love, making tough decisions and taking responsibility for those choices. IT IS A FANTASY TEENAGE LOVE STORY. Please get over it. That's my rant for the day.

  • Lisa Einselen

    "Bella sucks." Now, I don't care about Harry Potter stuff, but Twilight jokes? My favourite.

  • Julie Adrianna

    Even though Harry potter and Star Wars suck some major ass and are the worst movies ever made, the last 2 are funny

  • Arran Ferguson

    Advise for my Daughter and all the girls out there. Marry a Geek, Geeks get strong women.

  • Amanda Raines

    Yeah. I only like strong women. Also, Twilight is crap.

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