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Pasas y siento que el aire se estremece y todo yo, inmóvil, soy deseo y angustia y necesidad de ti. Jaime Sabines

You are not a human being. You are not your body, you are not your mind, and you are not your soul. These are things that You have. The You that has these things - indeed, that has given your Self these things - is far bigger than any of them, and even all of them put together. ~ Neale Donald Walsh

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Love Is In The Air: 35 Photos That Celebrate Love in All Its Forms

Teddy Bear hug - Love THIS PHOTO - (I do not personally agree with or endorse other photos on this site, but the link is embedded for those of you that wish to see all the photos)

It comes with risk, this story telling. Still, I release my life and lay it bare for the entire world to see that it may provide one widow with the strength to go on, the endurance to love an impossible man, cherish a thrown away child, inspire a lost soul to find a way, or hold tight to the edge of a cliff until help arrives. Lynn Bukowski

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Adorable Baby Halo and Wings Prop Set for newborns Ideal for photography session