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  • Tower Dental

    make sure you floss #dentist #dentalhumor

  • Connie Lacey

    Medical humor. Priceless :) So true!

  • Roxy Lynn

    i hate dentists, they've done some horrible things and literally laughed about it. i was the one in the chair.

  • Williams Group

    Funny stuff :)

  • Kardi P

    Dental "humor".... Just evil. I'm pretty convinced that dentist's do this for real.

  • aubergine QRV

    Other pinner: "I hate doctor's handwriting!! You would think with as much schooling they had, they would know how to write". Or, you know, maybe their handwriting is poor because the training is fast-paced and intense, thus explaining why SO MANY doctors have the same trait. It's not like med school applications screen out people who write neatly. But please, continue complaining about stupid things.

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