white crayon, water colors. this is so cool

White crayon and watercolour cards

Print photos in grayscale on book pages! So simple and so pretty!

Take a page from an old book and find a sentence you like. Mark out the rest and frame it! Favorite idea ever.

crayon watercolor quote

100 things to do this summer- pretty exhaustive list!

Totally going to have the kids do this, but i think i will paint the canvas first so its not white letters?


Thats actually pretty smart.....I may have to try that this summer

melted crayon art

How To Make A Melted Crayon Wall Decor http://theownerbuildernetwork.co/yc0p Now you can hang your own canvas masterpiece with the use of crayons and a hair dryer. Use your imagination and create different shapes using different colors. Isn't this a great project to do with the kids?

draw with elmer's glue, let dry, and paint over any color

DIY crayon art: glue crayons to the page and use a hair dryer to melt them.


Melted Crayon

Personalized scarf, put a verse or favorite quote on it. I love that it's kind of illegible to others but you would always know what it said.


Cool bracelet

Make your own custom artwork from crayons glued onto a canvas. Tutorial included.

infinity crayon art

stones hot glued to felt, pretty with a purpose