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16 unlikely animal friendships

Hitching a ride In 2006, a photographer in India snapped this photo of a mouse perched on the back of a frog as floodwaters rose. The annual summer monsoon rains arrived early that year, but this lucky little mouse managed to keep its head above water, thanks to a froggy friendship.

I've never trusted toadstools, but I suppose some must have their good points. Cheshire Cat quotes .

Amazon Milk Frog by Adrien Sifre. The name Milk Frog refers to the poisonous, white secretion this frog may secrete when threatened. This species is most active at night and is known for its loud vocalizations.

Animal-Making a Toad House DIY - I made a nice little 2-story place out of a broken pot and an old brick, for the toad that lives in my garden. He's gotten kind of territorial about the whole thing...

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Butter Living: 10 Amazing Yellow Animals

yellow frog