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Ashley Bruns Moll
Ashley Bruns Moll • 2 years ago

Milk Thistle with EPA & DHA for Dogs and Cats is a safe, 100% natural remedy formulated to remedy liver and kidney failure in dogs and cats and provide support to their urinary tract system. As a LIVER aid, it improves the efficient production of insulin and bile within the liver and helps maintain your pet's ability to eliminate toxins. As a KIDNEY aid, it promotes proper kidney function, supports healthy blood pressure and maintains the routine excretion of waste products.

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My 18 year-old cat has been in renal failure for 4+ years. He's doing well and one reason is this. It's the best food for kidney failure (renal is treated similarly). Reduced levels of protein to reduce kidney workload; Reduced phosphorus to maintain healthy kidney function and minimize stress on kidneys; Reduced sodium to maintain normal blood pressure; Increased omega-3 fatty acids; Increased B-complex vitamins; antioxidants to control cell oxidation and promote a healthy immune system

With my dog being recently diagnosed with renal failure, I researched my options since the Vet indicated there was nothing that could be done. I found this...with awesome reviews- Kidney Support Gold - Dog Kidney Disease Support. There is always hope in eastern medictine. :)

Homemade Milk Bone Dog Treats! #homemade #diy #dogs

kidney failure in dogs, how to support your dog's kidneys through nutrition.

Rosemary: Rosemary has valuable medicinal properties. is used in various tonics for heart, liver and it reduces High blood pressure,in treatment of nerves, digestive disorder and menstrual pains. is used in lotions also, rosemary oil cures headache. Rosemary with honey cures coughing. Rosemary is a tonic for scalp and skin. Rosemary reduces skin wrinkles. Rosemary leaves and flowers when boiled in water make a good face wash. Regular washing of face with this solution keeps you young forever.

Good info if my poor kitty ever develops kidney issues. Seems most cats do. Cooking for Kitty: kidney support homemade cat food!

Pet First Aid Infographic!

DetoxPlus™ - Natural detox remedy with herbs supports detoxification for overall liver health in cats and dogs

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