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Milk Thistle with EPA & DHA for Dogs and Cats is a safe, 100% natural remedy formulated to remedy liver and kidney failure in dogs and cats and provide support to their urinary tract system. As a LIVER aid, it improves the efficient production of insulin and bile within the liver and helps maintain your pet's ability to eliminate toxins. As a KIDNEY aid, it promotes proper kidney function, supports healthy blood pressure and maintains the routine excretion of waste products.

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Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats

Homemade Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats - Munchkins and the Military

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Dog Safe Foods

dog safe foods-Healthy dog treats chart

Learning CPR and First Aid could save your pet's life. Here are the things EVERY pet owner ought to know:

The Pet's Water Cooler keeps a supply of water for a pet chilled all day long, encouraging dogs and cats to stay cool and hydrated

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Home Remedies for the Natural Dog

Lots of natural remedies for dogs in this post like how to treat ear and eye infections, promote healthy teeth, deter fleas, and even help with flatulence! #ad #dogs

Coconut Oil benefits pets by: clearing up dermatitis, itchy dry skin, allergies, fleas; prevents yeast/fungal infections; reduces allergic reactions; reduces pet odor; disinfects wounds, hot spots, bites & stings, soothes a dry nose; reduces bad breath; improves digestion; helps prevent diabetes, inflammatory bowel syndrome & colitis; assists in eliminating hairballs & coughing; assists immune system; regulates/balances insulin; promotes normal thyroid function; aids arthritis & ligament…

An In-Depth Look at Chronic Kidney Disease in Dogs and Cats |

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10 Must-Have Apps for Dog Owners

From mapping your dog walk to pet first aid, a list of great apps for dog owners! I really want to get the puppy weather app! :P

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How to Save a Choking Cat

How to save a choking cat and other pet first aid, good to know

CPR for Dogs, Cats. Might be glad I pinned this someday! ALTHOUGH, if my dogs choking i wont have time to look up on pinterest how to save him, i'll just have time to SCREAM!!

FYI Dog Owners- Over-the-Counter Medications That Are Safe for Dogs (And How Much to Give!) | The Dogington Post

"Head Pressing" by dogs and cats. Did a search and confirmed this is legit. Link to page on Pet MD site with more information.