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Primaria SUD Detalhes: Ideia: Atividade Regras de Fe - neste site tem atividades muito legais para fazer com as crianças - em portugues

As Tontas Vão Ao Céu: Folha de Acompanhamento - Fé em Deus (Primária)

Para a criança aprender as expressões faciais.

Les compartimos algunas ideas encontradas en Pinterest con ideas muy sencillas y rápidas de Regalos de Navidad para los niños

Paper plate shark teeth

Gospel ABC's---awesome church book!!! She even offers a printable version! + this blog has some awesome ideas for teaching your kids...

All the Apostles and stories of how the met their wives! This is SUCH a cute website! This picture is of Dieter F. Uchdorf and his wife, Harriet. These stories are so cute!

Amazing Site ~ Ideas & helps for Primary Teachers, Sharing/Singing Time!!!!!!

YW Value proclamation to the family activity

Book of Mormon reading chart

Livro Interativo - O Livro de Mórmon

Awesome Book of Mormon Study Guide: Diagrams, Doodles, and Insights! Scripture journal filled with study pages that are great for every age! Youth and adults will love this! This has story maps to help you follow the amazing stories, helps for understanding doctrine, etc.! Use for personal scripture study or family or class! #bookofmormon #scripturejournal #scripturestudy

chocolate scriptures these are Hershey mini bars turned into scriptures.

Primária SUD, Regras de Fé

3rd article of faith handout - "We believe that through the Atonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel." Preciiiiso fazer isso em português!!!

Puzzle de cuc

susan fitch design: Reverence Bookmark

~ S.C.R.A.P. ~ Scraps Creatively Reused and Recycled Art Projects: Re-Purpose Food Mesh Bags ~ Kids Bible Study Craft ~ Fisher's of Men

Great lessons, games and activities for teaching LDS children the Book of Mormon. Love this blog!

LDS I Want to Be a Missionary Now! (Free Download)

Libro de Mormón PRESENTACION PRIMARIA 2014 Las Familias Son Eternas - maggiCAL Conexion SUD