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Poses......I love the one on her laying on the blanket from the head to the sky.....and the glow...this group is stunning

I think most maternity photography is corny ... but this field shot with long white dress is stunning.

I really like the artsy feel of the MTB and the tree/nature -- could read really nicely in b/w. This is an infrared finish (why the leaves look like snow).

Some inspiration for my photos...doubt my kids would be this good in front of the camera

Love this idea :) Maybe someday I can use it... Maternity Photography

Future Maternity Picture idea. I have one of these measuring tapes.. mental note to keep track of where it is.

Trip-out time: finding this pic, while sitting here in front of the computer, wearing the EXACT SAME DRESS! Pinterest army- we all dress alike, think alike, eat alike and craft alike!!!