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Tip: Stretch a rubber band across the nail and you've got an instant french tip guide for painting.

In a pinch if you don't have the fabric or nail glue, clear top coat and paper tape work as well. You can also do this over your entire to strengthen them while they grow out. I have paper thin nails and use my hands all the time.

Your Complete Guide to Mod Podge

the guide to mod podge. this describes the different formulations and how to use them...where has this been! I've been looking for something like this

nail polish dried over night on a ziploc baggie and punched with a craft puncher. place on nails and paint over it with clear and instant decal!

16 Ideas For Black Nail Polish That You'll Love If You Have A Cold, Black Heart

And don't forget... even though black nails make a certain kind of statement, you can always find a way to express your love.

12 Amazing DIY Nail Art Designs Using Scotch Tape

This idea is SO clever and awesome! Paint on the tape before putting it on your nail, cut out bits, put on your nail, then do a clear top coat! I need to try this!

Spring Quinceanera Nail Trends 2017

Shiny gel nails were so 2015! Just like makeup, the new trend brings matte nail polish which will intensify any color you choose. - See more at:

Nail Art Hibiscus Flower Nail water decals Transfers Wraps

20 water decals on a clear water transfer which can be applied over any color varnish on either your natural or false nail. Use: Paint nails in the color of your choice. Trim transfer to fit you More