by joshua yeldham

686 - I spent a lot of my time looking at blue - 60x120cm | Rob van Hoek Landscapes

:: The River by Maaike Bakker ::

The Cat Street Gallery | Yeldham Joshua

Lev Alexandrovich Russov (1926-1988). At the Neva River Embankment, 1963

Mixed Media Print of Drawing "Peacock Inspirations" watercolor, pen ink and colored pencil on Etsy, $25.00

Joshua Yeldham - owl

Alicia Tormey

Really amazing line drawings! Follow this very talented artist on YouTube! His username is PeterDraws


Last of the Lavender - 12x9 Landscape Painting by Sue Cervenka - NUMA Gallery

Ilya Ibryaev - Forest River - watercolor (53х37) cm

AGO Art of the Day

Ferdinand Bauer, Banksia coccinea

Alice Neel

dear, Kiki Smith. Multimedia artist from NYC & upstate NY.

Soft Harmonies by elio.camacho

Paul Bailey

Aboriginal art - title, artist not known (from raysto on flickr)

Hoot by David Galchutt... Like this alot, not normally into owls but this is nice.... I like...