Waipio, Hawaii

Hawaii - this is cool!

14. The Seven Sacred Pools, Maui. The 21 Most Magical Spots in Hawaii.

Beautiful Hawaii -Canal Tubing In Hawaii (I used to do this as a child. It was sooooo fun). <3k<3

Stairway to Heaven - Hawaii, USA. This is going on my bucket list.

Plan a Low Cost or Budget Vacation to Hawaii; Cheap Hawaii Vacations

Swim resort in Bali...yes please.

Honokohau Falls, Maui

Now that would be fun! Roller Coaster dives Underwater located in Yokohama Japan.

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This really exists! At the Citta del Mare hotel in Sicily, you can slide right into the Mediterranean Sea. i will go here one day

Kauai, Hawaii

The world's coolest water slide is hidden in the hawaiian jungle

Beautiful Waimanu Valley, Hawaii.

The Westin Maui Resort & Spa, Hawaii, soooo going!

Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii

Lanikai Beach, Oahu, Hawaii.

how cool...where is this???

#ELLEMERswimwear Sport. Swimwear. Hawaii.

Hidden Beach | Marieta Islands