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  • Jill Malusky

    25 clever ideas for help around the house from the kitchen to the family room to the garden! You will say at least once..."why didnt i think of that!!" first of the Clever ideas: hull strawberries with a straw

  • Marsha Smith Lowrance

    25 helpful hints for all around the house!

  • Caitilin M

    hull strawberries with a straw! 25 clever ideas to make life easier via

  • Shawna Crockett

    25 clever ideas to make life easier including storage ideas, how to remove marks, how to keep apples from browning, etc

  • Mrs Brodecky

    This stuff is awesome, so many helpful tips for us busy moms!!! 25 clever ideas to make life easier via

  • Jennifer Mostek

    25 Clever Ideas, household tips, storage ideas!

  • Lara Clinton

    25 clever ideas to make life easier. I usually think most life hacks are stupid but these I would actually do

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how to fold a fitted sheet - My Mother in law taught me how to do this when I was 20 years old.

Repinning because I recognize the second picture from the top. I can't remember which magazine it was in, but it's from several years ago and talked about painting a concrete drive to look like brick -- even had the paint "recipe." If real bricks aren't available, I might do this someday.

Find tiny lost items like earrings by putting a stocking over the vacuum hose. - TRULY BRILLIANT!!!!

25 More Clever Ideas to make life easier from organizing to food to packing to cleaning to storage to saving scratched DVDs

12 simple ideas to make your home & life easier.........saran wrap on the fridge shelves........duh!

A fix for those jeans with the pesky zipper that won't stay up. Also would work for early prego jean wearing when you aren't ready for maternity but you can't button your jeans. I used the rubber and trick but the zipper would eventually slide down. No more!!

I can't live without my storage freezer. It is my biggest tip for feeding a family fast. This is a great blog post from Annie's Eats about her game plan for stocking her freezer. I use many of the same strategies. Highly recommend all the recipes she shares!

Simple Tricks that Make You Look Smart - well, I'm not sure how smart they will make you look, but there are some good tips in here :)