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    John Catchings

    Real Name: John Catchings Occupation: Police Psychic Place Of Birth: Austin, Texas Date Of Birth: Unrevealed Location: Oregon Notes: The case was featured as a part of the November 10, 1991 episode. However, John Catchings has since lost a great amount of credibility after William Scott Smith confes...
    • Dana

      John Catchings is a psychic from Oregon who has helped police in solving several cases. In 1982, one month after pizza delivery driver Sherry Eyerly vanished, John awoke from a sound sleep and he saw a woman standing at the foot of the bed, and he believed that there was some message that the woman was trying to give to him.

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    Linda Agostini (12 September 1905–27 August 1934) was identified as the "Pyjama Girl", a murder victim found on a stretch of road in Albury, New South Wales, Australia, in September 1934. The murder intrigued the Australian people and the unidentified corpse became the obsession of thousands. The corpse was found to match the description of missing Agostini in 1944, but later evidence suggests this may have been a misidentification, leaving the mystery still unresolved.

    latimesblogs.lati... A Chicago Unsolved Murder Judith Mae Anderson was 15 on August 16 1957.It was Sunday 11:00pm +Judith picked up the phone,called her mother+ask her if she could stay later at a friend’s house.The 2 girls were watching a movie+the extra time was to allow for the end of the movie.Her mother told her no+expected her to come home in about 20 min. since that was the normal length of time for the walk home.She would never make it home


    #ColdCase | Babes in the Wood murders | Stanley Park | two unidentified boys located on 14 January 1953 in Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada. They were likely murdered in 1947. To this day, this mystery remains unsolved with no suspects, and the children have not been identified.

    Tammy Lynn Leppert was a model & beauty queen turned actress. However, after attending a party in July 1982, Leppert started displaying patterns of erratic, paranoid & violent behavior. During the shoot for “Scarface” in 1982, Leppert suffered a complete emotional breakdown. On July 6, 1983, Leppert, 18, disappeared. There have been numerous theories about her disappearance. One involves her being the victim of Christopher Wilder, a Florida serial killer.

    Barbara Newhall Follett, a child genius who published her first book at 13 and then disappeared in 1939 aged 26 never to be seen or heard of again.

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    10 MOST FAMOUS UNSOLVED MURDERS, YouTube, Published on May 23, 2013. This is a documentary on the most famous unsolved murder cases in history.

    Natalie Wood ssssssssssmoke

    One of the biggest mysteries in Hollywood history occurred on the evening of October 7, 1949 when 26-year old Jean Spangler disappeared. Spangler was a model and aspiring actress who had done bit parts in a handful of films. She left her daughter with her sister-in-law and claimed she was going to meet her ex-husband to talk about child support before going to work on a film shoot. However, there were no film shoots scheduled that night, and Spangler’s ex-husband claimed he never saw her. Spa...

    One of the strangest unexplained crime mysteries of all time - The Hinterkaifeck Mystery. In Germany, 1922, the murders of six people at the Hinterkaifeck farmstead shocked the nation. This wasn’t just because of the gruesome nature of the case, but also because the case was so incredibly weird, and it remains unsolved to this day.

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    The Loch Ness Monster Legacy - Of all the mythical beasts in the world, the most famous, most hunted for, and most talked about must be ‘Nessie’ the Loch Ness Monster. She, for the Scottish monster is always seen as a not-so-wee lassie, is often the first phenomenon thought about when the subject of unexplained mysteries is raised.

    Paula Jean Welden was a sophomore at Bennington College in Vermont in 1946; she was studying art. Welden was last seen walking on the Long Trail near Glastenbury Mountain on December 1, 1946. An extensive search of the area turned up no sign of Welden. Foul play is suspected in her case. At the time of her disappearance,The inability of local authorities to deal with her disappearance lead to the establishment of the Vermont State Police. Her case remains unsolved.

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