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DIY Tonic Water Kit


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The 10 Pantry Items Worth More than Gold

The 10 Pantry Items Worth More than Gold: MRE’s, freeze dried, and dehydrated food can last for up to 25 years. There are also many foods that will last for years when stored properly (wheat, beans, pasta, etc.), but this all hinges on the items being kept at “optimum storage conditions.” Lets face it, any type of crisis makes optimum

Why We Should Be Using Water Bricks For Storage — I talked about these about a year ago and the pricing was so ridiculous, now their price has dropped considerably I think they are now a viable much needed product in our industry.

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19 Brilliant DIY Projects For Pet Food Stations

Grow wheat grass in a tray for your dog or cat’s feeding bowls. Also serves as a nutritious snack for indoor pets. Catches water and food spilled from bowl.

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Homemade Aluminum Can Burners

Homemade Aluminum Can Burners | Homesteading & Preppers Cheap Project For Creating an Alternate Source of Heat For Cooking Food and Sanitizing Water By Survival Life