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  • Cody Buckmann

    SOPA: The Internet Blacklist Bill. The Stop Online Piracy Act currently in the U.S. Congress is as unconstitutional piece of legislation. The corporations are buying the politicians and making the laws. This law supposedly protects patents and private intellectual property, but in an effort to do so it creates a beast, not unlike the Patriot Act, to enforce the laws. This bill gives corporations and the government the authority to shut down websites, businesses and while companies for crimes like using a patented logo on your website, or allowing a user to post messages or videos that contain names, logos, companies, music, film and other patented, "intellectual property." You need to realize how serious this is.

  • Cory Kerr

    HOW SOPA WILL DESTROY FREEDOM OF SPEECH ON THE INTERNET: I'm deviating from my normal pins today to spread the word about a threat to our ability to share and spread independent thought on the internet. Sites like pinterest, twitter, facebook, youtube, etc could possibly be censored or shut down completely if the government deems their content as out of line with this new bill. Way too much power taken away from the people. Please click this pin and do something today (signing the petition takes a couple of minutes...)

  • TechFleece

    SOPA: The Internet Blacklist Bill [Infographic] – [Video]

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Stop SOPA and the potential censoring of the internet. If SOPA passes, entire websites could be forced to delete content or close - including Pinterest and YouTube! Visit this page to find out who your representative is and what number to call. It even gives tips on how to say what. >>> I am not a political genius, but I can't imagine the benefits outweigh the risks.

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