Love the vibe

The Very Dear Emily Chalmers

i want these curtains

mixmatched curtains in ultra-cool cologne apartment of anya hoffman - I WANT TO DO THIS

Perfect canopy and expansive mattress...

What a great space, with a bed big enough for kids to pile into & a dream catcher for bad dreams!

funky chairs by mara.... inspiration for my orange love chair?!

couch DIY- take a funny shaped chair (the weirder the better!) and re-upholster it with a printed, patchwork fabric for the ultimate boho armchair / sofa!

Florabunda Sleeping Bag

This inspired me to make my own pretty sleeping bag from a comforter and some fun fabric! Let's go camping!

interior designers Eclectic interior design with a lot of frames modern eclectic interior design

Take a cue from designer Kristen Buckingham and extend your gallery wall over the door frame. The artwork on this gallery wall matches the mood of the room in its joyous, eclectic look. Peek at more of Kristen's work here.

Stunning Maximalist Decor Ideas (84 Photos)

Stunning Maximalist Decor Ideas (84 Photos)

Bohemian home: Bohemian eclectic kitchen. I feel like I'd never know how to make that much stuff work without it feeling crammed and crazy. This just looks like a fun and energetic room.

gypsie decor « BABY OF BOHO minus the baby!!!!  unless it is my grandchild:)

gypsie decor

A Bohemian style room with a wonderful round bed, accented with a draped canopy (via Treasures Of Albion: Hippie Decor)what if i had a circle bed? ------------------------ soooooooooo awesome and wonderful!

Photo inspiration #123

I'm not picking this photo for my dream home for the color or style, but for the idea of a room devoted to art and craft projects. A room for me. It makes me giddy just thinking about it.

Odette Bohemian Blue Wall Tapestry - GoGetGlam - SAVE 60%

Odette Bohemian Blue Wall Tapestry

Love the scarf curtain in this craft room

- - - I'm just lusting over these vintage scarf room dividers! They would also make some A-mazing curtains.

Patchwork curtains made with colorful scarves.

Gypsy Curtain Alert!

this might be what i need to cheer up my "study cave" aka our office. hippie curtains-looks like a bunch of different fabrics sewn together :-)