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    Are you a "Thought Leader" or a "Do leader"? #leadership #business

  • Howard Kwong

    Between #Minds an ongoing #taxonomy of #team dynamics (infographics)

  • Muriel Maas

    thought leaders vs do leaders infographic

  • Reba Atchley

    Thought leader vs. Do leader inphographix - great idea for Mount board!

  • Alexis van Dam

    between minds: an ongoing taxonomy of team dynamics. thought leader vs do leader. What are you?

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Being a good leader, like being a superhero, is about more than just words. You can talk all day long about protecting the innocent, but unless you’re willing to jump in and sock it to the bad guys, you’re no hero. Leaders lead by doing How to be a Hero: www.supercareero....

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pacat ca unora le este frica de "inaltimi", prin urmare n-au nevoie de parasuta. ;)

It's impossible to not be impacted, but you can control the level of impact. This is you...This is me ... The bottom one is my constant goal although there are times when I am engulfed by the top. The number of times that happens per week is diminishing, though! : D

Communication Breakdown: Left Brain vs. Right Brain - #Infographic

3-2-1 Pyramid: three things you learned/two things you thought were interesting/one question OR three facts/two whys/one summarizing sentence