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This girls message is so sad, and intolerable. Slut walk- society teaches don't get raped rather than don't rape.

Gender Inequality In Film Is Still Disheartening

12 Heartbreaking Quotes Said To Sexual Assault Survivors By Their Family Members This is exactly why I don't talk to my family or friends about it. It's always your fault in everyone else's eyes. It is so hard to learn that you are just a victim.

Witty video explaining the details of the sexual assault case of a 17 year old young woman in Kentucky, whose rapists faced little consequences and she was told by the judge to not speak about what happened to her - but did anyway. PUBLICALLY.

ALL KINDS OF WRONG: 17-Year-Old Girl Tweets, Is Threatened With Jail, And Entire Internet Flips Out

rape victim is threatened with jail if she releases the names of the boys that pled guilty to raping her and taking pictures of the act.

If that little rhetorical device is the only way to get men to care about issues that affect women, then our society is in a very depressing state indeed... Such language defeats the real purpose.

I need feminism because I am a person who belongs to herself first before I am a daughter, sister, wife, or mother.

The fashion industry is scary and we’re all idiots

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Every women is beautiful even if you can/cant see her ribs or collar bone. saying a skinny girl is not beautiful is just as bad as saying a fat one isnt beautiful

10 Tips to End Rape-- Rape is not a woman's fault.

10 Top Tips to End Rape

Ten anti rape tips. 10 Top Tips to End Rape I Don' t put drugs in wanna’: drinks. I Dan? faggat: it' s nut was with 2 Whem run in warm" walking by knelt who' Rape

Oh yes

This person’s official list of hobbies. 26 Things That Prove Feminism And Pizza Are Undeniably Linked

I may not be a fan of hers because in the end, she's doesn't give a shit for equal rights in the LGBT community. At the same time, the way she's being treated (like any woman) is bullshit. Even on The View all they talk about is her looks!

Jon Stewart nails it

Jon Stewart nails it-- welcome to oppression and sexism you as a previously white male have never experienced before.

post racial amerika

""I don't see race. I'm a good person." Translation: I'm going to use my place of privilege to refute and deny the sufferings of those who do not have white privilege while at the same time erasing their personal and cultural history.


Funny pictures about Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life. Oh, and cool pics about Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life. Also, Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life photos.

Emma is such an awesome person. We need to stop teaching that feminism is a bad thing, we are ALL equal.

19 Reasons Every Man Should Be A Feminist

Emma Watson speaks to the U. about equality for women: “Fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating…This has to stop. For the record, feminism by definition is: ‘The.

Being a Feminist.

"I call myself a feminist when people ask me if I am, and of course I am 'cause it's about equality, so I hope everyone is. You know you're working in a patriarchal society when the word feminist has a weird connotation." ~Ellen Page