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  • Princess Lilac

    13/6✯ **WHAT A WOMAN WANTS ....** ~ A Great Partner & a Great Life!! ~ Handsome (Mind, Body & Spirit) Man, Wealth, Beautiful Cars, Private Islands with private Yatch, Amazing Homes, Bling Jewels, Fabulous Holidays, Private Jets, Etc... Anything a Girl can Dream of!!! Let's have fun making a Beautiful Vision Board!! The L.O.A. Says: *Increase your Vibration to Create your Dreams to come True, because Universe doesn't care if it's Real or Not, It answers back according to your Vibration* ★✯☆

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bahamas Gilligans island in the bahamas where we were stranded on a island while a tropical storm went through not fun...

Bahamas-I totally thought the water had to be photo-shopped until last week when I saw it first hand.!

- they always show the pretty beaches - so much poverty