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Tom Hiddleston. Love how he always looks likes he's about to burst into laughter!

Tom Hiddleston. One more and then I really have to get out of bed.

"Tom Hiddleston, Everybody..." — He is seriously so wonderful I could cry. :') That bit about the kid and his cookie though! Be still my heart. ♥

Is there any creature on the history of human existence more exquisite than the green-eyed man with hair as black as night and skin as pale as cream? No.

Tom Hiddleston on Loki. <-- Ok, getting closer to rock bottom...can we get his head above water soon?

I'm so used to fangirling for dudes at least 20 yrs my senior, so for hiim to be like less than 2 weeks older than me fucks with my head so hard. I feel like I should be 15 or he should be like 45.

Tom Hiddleston...He is so yummy looking!

Tom Hiddleston. Looking so handsome

"I'm so moved and humbled by your responses to The Hollow Crown & Henry IV. I've never worked harder on anything in my life. It means the world"