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    Instructional design infographic



    • Samson A

      I’ve been wrapping my head around where instructional design theories and models came from and where they are heading by creating an infographic that includes some of the key players when it comes to instructional design theories. Check the following the A Brief History of Instructional Design Infographic and let us know your thoughts! Via: …

    • Lauren Schuster

      You have to know where you have been to know where you are going: A history of instructional design.

    • Kiersten Wyatt

      I particularly liked this infographic because it essentially shows the "evolution" of instructional design over time. This image map shows how various ideas evolved from numerous theorists and psychologists to later become ideas and models that are being followed in the world of education for instructional design methods.

    • Kate Pinto

      I love this Candyland-style infographic depicting A Brief History of Instructional Design.

    • Phil Turner

      Instructional Design infographic ... a succinct historical perspective of the roots of ID

    • Sarelle McCoard

      An infographic outlining history and players in instructional design.

    • Rena Robey

      Instructional Design History Infographic | e-Learning Infographics

    • Mia MacMeekin

      A Brief History of Instructional Design | Kristina Hollis

    • Beth Kanter

      Instructional design infographic

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