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      Best Mother's Day Quotes to write in a card | Crafty Texas Girls #MothersDay

    • Melissa Soliz-Steckler

      I may have done a lot of things wrong in my life but being a Mother is definitely not one of them. I work very hard to be the best mother I can be to you and your brother I took classes, read books and even spent time in Mother workshops so I could do my best not to screw y'all up. So I may have had to struggle at times but it has all been worth it and I would do it again so Shugz just like I will defend you and Kubby I will always defend myself because very few know the work and sacrifice I put into raising you two to be the awesome kids y'all are today!!

    • Monica Mathers

      Love it- I LOVE being a mother to my beautiful girl more than anything else in the world! Nothing else gives me the satisfaction and sense of pride like being a mommy does......

    • Tish Sailer

      Mothers Day Quotes - so true


      Motherhood is... #quote #mother #mom #parent #family #mothersday #inspiration #life #children #child

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    Loved doing this one! It came out so pretty. josenamanda

    worth quoting..."Somedays we could tightrope across Manhattan, and other days we are too weary to clean our teeth. This is Normal. This is Natural."

    When someone rejects the help they have initially asked for and go into every excuse of why they can't then that's the time to walk away. They don't truly want to be free and in remaining there you are keeping them stuck too.

    "Don't Wait for Perfection" by carmelscribe, via Flickr. Jump in and do! Just by making a start you're already miles ahead of those still too afraid of making a mistake to begin the race.

    I can only hope that someday my daughter and I can have the same relationship that I'm so blessed to have with my mom. #BestFriends I would do anything for my mom, love her more than anything.

    All you need in this life are ignorance & confidence and then SUCCESS! Ashley Garrett Sarah Early Courtney Laine

    firm believer in this. there is no greater happiness than that of the one experienced after having gone through some sort of major tribulation in your life

    Yes, some people really do suck. Why invite them into YOUR precious life? God gives us a finite number of days above ground. Why pollute a single second/minute/hour/day/year with a sucky person? If they were the tray that raw chicken comes in, how long could you stand to leave it in your kitchen trash? Time to kick those stinky peeps to the curb trash can for pick up, baby!

    Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for.

    Friends make good times better and hard times easier.