• Melinda Plummer

    Paper Bag Owls and hand wings - Just Picture - (Use this idea to decorate a tri-fold board. Put finger friends in the tree with the owls. Create an interactive story where the kids will have to go to the tree and get a finger friend down from the tree.

  • Kris Ciulla

    This is a really cool fall bulletin board idea. The tree will already be up either drawn or have brown butcher paper crumpled to be a tree. But what the kids are doing is making an owl. The wings are their hand prints. But the brown lunch bags are stuffed with news paper and then they tie the opening and glue in eyes and the beak. But the leaves could also have the kids names on them as they are falling off of the tree.

  • Margaret Petracca

    3D paper bag owls in tree...fun! Bulletin Board idea.

  • Tamara Ridout

    Paper bag owls in tree for Owl Moon

  • Suzi Morse

    A cute fall decoration for the classroom! Owl tree

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