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  • Geri Johnson

    Kandinsky trees 1st grade examples. Lots of fun classroom art projects on this blog.

  • Kathryn Balzer

    tree of life: paint, paper, glitter

  • Jamey Guarascio-Cosper

    kandinsky trees 1st grade examples...awesome art blog!

  • DeeDee Sauter

    WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE ART ROOM?? Art projects for all ages

  • Hayley Wilkes

    Awesome art lesson blog kandinsky trees 1st grade examples

  • Andrea S

    Great Ideas here!! My Favorite Kandinsky trees. 1st Day: Talked about Kandinsky Abstract art and each child traced three circles and layered them for the giant tree. 2nd Day: Followed step by step directions to draw tree trunk on Black paper and cut and glued onto color of their choice (I just draw one line at a time) 3rd Day: Traced smaller cirles (8 times each size) and cut 4th Day: Glued cicles in layers, glued on tree, added glitter, and used markers covers to print circles in background!

  • Kelsey Mintz

    kandinsky trees 1st grade examples, best website for art ideas!

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WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE ART ROOM??: Kandinsky Trees-1st Grade

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