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tracing paper with markers over a coloring book animal: bird with shapes

Black Glue and Watercolor Resist from Pink and Green Mama blog

Jenny Banian Massabki is this what you are doing with Pete? Kindergarten: Shapes

interrupting chicken and the chicken and alligator book on youtube shape birds

African Lions- K. Starting off with the lion face, color in the features with neutral colored crayons. put orange, yellow, & brown paint on their tables and show them how to paint straight lines radiating from the lion's face to represent the mane. Lastly, put pieces of neutral colored yarn on the tables & let them glue pieces of yarn on top of the lion's mane.

now these are too cute! kinder/1st grade, draw squares, rectangles, triangles, and half circles to create these lovely castles

What makes this work, besides the tight color relationship in the blues, is the outlining of the multiple layers. This could be a handsome project for very young children if you control the palette when they create the papers.

Après les fabuleux Hiboux de Courroux... Les Poules ! "Bricolage-oeuvre d'art" réalisés pour Pâques, (encore et toujours) par les talentueux élèves de Crystel... et en plus j'ai le grand, l'immense plaisir d'en avoir reçue une en cadeau !!!!! :-) Merci les enfants et Merci Crystel !! Je vous envois plein de GROS bisous.

kids are always asking how to draw birds. I like the simple shapes used in these and I like all the different positions they're in.

winter art - would be great for Kindergarten shape house lesson!

Susan, This would be a fun art project! We could have the kids make one for Mother's Day with a family photo in the hole. :)

Watercolor Resist Lesson Oil pastels birds kindergarten kinders lesson art project 1st grade