Lots of fun art projects for elementary kids! Great site!

Free Shape-Bird-Handout

Primary Birds, geometric and organic shape lesson

birdies... So cute! I think I would do this as a guided drawing, then let them paint.

2nd grade

Color It Like you MEAN it!: Zebras! Using paper, watercolor, and yarn. Kindergarten and patterns.

Art Projects for Kids: Vegetable Garden Watercolor Painting by chenbeg

Art Auction! Kindergarten

Dali Birds -Grade 2


monsters - 1st grade - this is ADORABLE

these would be pretty neat with kindergarten!


Art Projects for Kids: New Pop Art Landscape Tutorial... Maybe have it drawn out and then let students draw/color to work on line, color, pattern, shape, ect

Little Birdies Watercolor Painting - ART PROJECTS FOR KIDS

Hundertwasser Art Lesson (you know it's a good lesson when I as the teacher want to make it myself!)

The Winter Bird Art Lesson is a great painting project for kids that is totally fridge-worthy.

Kindergarten portraits (fall) I just LOVE the way brand new kinders draw themselves!

ARt lessons for kids