that's right , sir

Love this movie

lol i love this movie

At one point in my life I could quote this entire movie. This was my favorite line of all!!

haha fact!

A Walk to Remember. YOU GO GIRL

Tarzan <3

We need more animated movies as good as this one.

"Would you like to stay forever?"

Time to *raspberries* spit and *raspberries* stick my *raspberries* tongue out *raspberries* every *raspberries* time *raspberries* I *raspberries* talk. hahaha

Anastasia and Dimitri

Anastasia <3

The Little Rascals. <3

Now A favorite movie of mine when I was growing up!

Lmao. Favorite.

hah yes.

Yesss, love this movie

favorite part of this movie

Pitch Perfect!