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Geometry in nature // Fibonacci sequence// Golden Ratio // Phi point // The same ratio Vitruvius saw in the human body – 1 to PHI (1.618) – exists in every part of nature, from swimming fish to swirling planets. This divine ratio, or divine proportion, has been called the building block of all life.

What’s so sacred about geometry, anyway?


Photographer Emily Blincoe's love of simplicity is evident in her series "Arrangements," an ode to color, shape and impeccable prop styling.

Photographer's Perfect 'Arrangements' Series Highlights Color and Simplicity

Photographer Emily Blincoe’s love of simplicity is evident in her series “Arrangements,” an ode to color, shape and impeccable prop styling.

Earths Crust

paleoillustration: “ Geological Time, by Dylan Gibson: There’s a a way to remember all those names: Camels Often Sit Down Carefully Perhaps Their Joints Creak (Perhaps Effective Oiling Might Prolong.

Awesome Illustration

Phylogenetic Tree of Life -The OpenLearn site used to offer this phylogenetic chart in the shape of a tree as a free poster, but no more. They do have an online version of this same illustration, expandable and with links and an explanatory guide.

Prime Number Patterns by Jason Davies (via infosthetics http://infosthetics.com/archives/2012/07/on_the_pattern_of_primes.html)  Sacred Geometry <3

Prime Number Patterns by Jason Davies, really cool! shows how prime numbers form a yin yang pattern

La Secuencia de Fibonacci y el Numero Aureo en la Naturaleza

Xplore & Xpress: Zentangle Weekly Challenge # 43 : Sunflowers and Fibonacci…

Deforestation. Not just the problem, but a few solutions.

Custom Made, Style, and Saving the Planet

Earth: ~ Deforestation: Our Disappearing Woodlands. You've Heard About This Problem With Our Trees, But Do You Really Know How Big It Is?

im a nerd i understood this word for word

Fullmetal Alchemist Discussion Board > Transmutation circles in FMA, How do they work? Explaining transmutation circles found in FMA