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Peter Jackson with the cast before they began filming Lord of the Rings oh my look at eighteen year old Elijah!


Lotr Challenge Day Favourite Female Character- Eowyn: from the Anglo-Saxon eoh meaning war-horse, from the Anglo-Saxon wynn meaning joy or bliss.

I want to be friends with Viggo just because he does the most random stuff ever.

I think peter gave a little nod to Viggo spontaneously head-butting people in the hobbit when he had dwalin and balin head butt.

Lotr love

Aragorn & Arwen Viggo Mortensen & Liv Tyler In Lord of the rings, evenstar necklace

Where it all began

The Hobbit: Tolkien talking about the start of The Hobbit. "If only all our procrastination could result in a masterpiece of fantasy literature." And that one line created the basis for my entire life. I owe everything to Tolkien.


Summary of Lord of the Rings: Legolas looks awesome. Aragorn looks awesome in his own very special way

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Kili, Thorin, and Fili: the hot dwarves. (well not so much Kili and Fili.

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Boromir, son of Denethor, Lord and Steward of Gondor. He died saving the smallest of the Fellowship.

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Lord of the Rings, i love when Gimili laughs at the fact that Legolas made a joke this relationship!

HP should have won some for the music....but I can see why LOTR won

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sticking a finger in orlando blooms belly button>>> Liv tyler in one ring percent done with her babies

Sticking A Finger In Orlando Bloom's Belly Button

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Shots from the set of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ #LOTR #lordoftherings

While not the traditional concept of miniatures --- Minas Tirith - Lord of the Rings. Famous Miniature Movie Sets That Will Blow Your Mind