The 99 workout is meant to be accomplished all in one day, it will take about 45 minutes. If you cannot do it all in one day try and work up to it.

Exercise ball workout poster for women. #ballexercises #coreexercises #fitness

Exercise Ball Workout Poster for Women 19"X27" Laminated

The Swiss ball (also called stability balls, exercise balls, fitness or yoga balls)—are one of the best fitness tools you can own and use. Our "Exercise Ball Workout Poster" will show you 35 supper ef (Core Stability Ball)


quick and sweaty at home circuit these right now as I am training for my Tough Mudder! -----harder than it looks!

Def trying it tonight

Fitness Fitness Inspiration Fitness Motivation Full Body Meltdown Another quick workout to get your heart pumping.

how to get a good butt - Google Search

Want that beach babe booty come spring? Then try this beach babe booty routine this winter so you can enjoy yourself this spring and summer

Daily motivation (25 photos) sofa workouts... I am going to watch tv... I can get fit while I do.

Daily motivation (25 photos)

Morning workout tips. My morning workouts "start" the night before. Being disciplined in getting to bed at a decent hour means I Will be ABLE to work out the next morning! D.