Book tree - functional art! ... cool feature wall for the library/ study/ storage room just off our main entrance - could see this feature wall through the double glass doors ... maybe attach or embed miniature lights along the wood branches so would twinkle the tree shape at night :)

love this


tree-ish bookshelf

One day I will have a library that fills the walls completely. I know it will happen, because I'm 23 and already have more books than I know where to store! I love the big comfy couch in the middle of the room, and maybe add a stereo system to play film scores while reading! *sigh*

Wall of books

I want the bed inside the bookshelf for my reading nook.

Books, Floor to Ceiling

Oh. My. Word.

So many books. That ladder will not reach the top...

O, say what is love? ... These books. :) <3

Parker Residence by Derrell Parker

Library with a secret passage to secret library. Heaven!

Turn a closet into a book nook.

Home Library // Ralph Lauren

Incredible bookshelves

Coffee Books & Rain Pillow. needs to say Cats, Books & Rain.