Stanislav Sidorov's painting depicts two lovers taking a casual stroll through a park on a brilliant fall evening. The rain gently falls all around them as they walk arm in arm, perched under a large umbrella. Sidorov's use of texture and bright, warm colors creates the dramatically intense backdrop of the beginnings of autumn.

$185: This textured painting depicts the 'joie de vivre' that comes from experiencing a melodious tune. Singing and dancing are traditionally a huge part of Haitian living, and become even more pronounced during their carnaval season, in late January. During carnaval, millions of Haitians can be heard celebrating to overwhelming rhythms in blinding lights and colors.

Romantic Umbrellas - Stanislav Sidorov

Leonid Afremov. "The Loneliness of Autumn. c.2009. oil on canvas.

"Date Night" - by Stanislav Sidorov

"Rain and Flowers” by Stanislav Sidorov

stanislav sidorov artist

Stanislav Sidorov.

autumn walk

Sunflowers Large Watercolor Painting

Original Abstract Painting Purple evening by ArtonlineGallery

Feather Painting - Watercolor Nature Art - Large Archival Print - 11x14 Feather Bundle

strolling in the rain

Rain is not dampening their spirits. I love the way she has her arm draped around her man and her head on his shoulder. This painting by Coby Whitmore accompanied a story titled "Love Comes To Miss Lucas."

Seattle Lovers in the Rain Art Print Seattle by VickieWadeFineArt


Original Painting Umbrellas-2 - Acrylic Rain Painting - Blue Red Orange - Abstract Landscape - Large Size. $245.00, via Etsy.

Autumn's Burn - Cheryl Tarrant

.bright happy colors<3

Elaine's work is like a collection of snapshots from my own mind. Large Landscape Painting Original Oil 24 x 48 by ElainesHeartsong, $625.00

Kat Hannah #etsy #art