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Gallery of Horse Fences - Safer, Stronger, Lasts Longer - Horse Fence Systems by Centaur® HTP®

Add extra storage with an extra shower curtain rod, then all you have to so is hang up some shower caddies.

Run-in shed incorporated into fenceline. Landscaping

This was so me when I was a little girl!!!...and I had a stick horse when I really wanted to get somewhere. When I was five, I graduated to the real thing...been horse crazy ever since.

Black post and top rail wire mesh-- gorgeous, keeps everyone on their side of the fence.

I really like this fencing

Especially a paint! ❤ I believe they are the most majestic of all God's animals... The dog, of course, is a loyal, loving housemate friend, but the wild, massively strong highly intelligent horse can be just as loyal loving the fact that he lets us bridle, saddle, ride corral him astonishes me no end.