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Your child receives a quarter each time he helps out. Then he can "buy" from the house "store." Teach him about money & responsibility.

LOVE THIS ~~ Positive reinforcement ~~ Put a cotton ball, marble, pom-pom, etc. in every time you catch your child being good. Do something special when it's full. This is exactly what I need instead of focusing on the bad.

The Idea Roomfrom The Idea Room

Reward Points System and Home "Store"

Great reward system for children

Toys that are not picked up go in the ransom box and they have to pick a chore to complete to earn it back! A great lesson in personal responsibility.

you gotta start this now!! keep a sample of child's signature every school year

put legos in liquid soap for boys... for girls, use barbie shoes!! So cute.

Motivating Kids With a Homemade Reward Store ~ Templates & Ideas Included! Great incentive for behavior, chores, and school!

Life As Mamafrom Life As Mama

10 Brilliant Ideas To Motivate Your Children To Do Chores

These are so good, especially the first one!

After the kiddos are done their regular chores they can pick a work for hire job to get money. GREAT IDEA and a good way to teach a good work ethic!

Birthday Interview FREE PRINTABLE. Would be cute to interview a child each year as they grow. Something to reflect on when they are all grown up.

Behavior Chart & Jars:::: Each child has their own jar to receive pompoms for good behavior. The child set goals for something they really want, and then when their jars are full, they earn their prizes.

“Toddlers Knowing God” -lessons to teach 18-24 month children about the character of God, coloring pages and activities too...

For Every Momfrom For Every Mom

This Mom’s Discipline Idea Is So Simple It’s Genius (and It WORKS

This get along jar to use to discipline kids is one of the best discipline ideas I've seen in a long time! So easy to make, too! I can't wait to try this!

zulilyfrom zulily

Moonjar Classic Moneybox Set

Probably can make this without buying anything but I like the idea.