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Add a Glass Jar Tower to your water garden and see your fish swim in it...DIY

The instructions said, "use a gal jar and a type of stand place the jar in the water on it’s side, let it fill with water(completely sbmerged) then tip it up slowly bottom up, and the fish can swim up into it if they want"

How to Make a Garden Fountain Out of, Well, Anything You Want

How to Make a Garden Fountain Out Of, Well, Anything You Want


Stacked the stones, fountains, drill holes through rocks and stack them on rebar. could make a unique feature Mais

This simple trick is a chemical-free way to clear up murky water in small garden ponds within hours and keep it that way.

The Clear Water Trick that Improves Murky Pond Water in Hours

See how to cllean up murky pond water within a few hours without any chemicals polluting the water. Muddy water becomes clear with just a few household items

Green Side Up Landscape Co. - Water Features: Ponds / Waterfalls / Streams

Mini Oasis - When planting a miniature pool, take care to avoid vigorous plants and rely on small, compact plants like pygmy waterlilies.

Creative DIY Rain Chains- great ideas for decorative and unique rain chains.

10 Creative DIY Rain Chain Ideas

Koi fish pond observation tower - Linked to DIY garden pond aquarium with plans. What a creative way to see your fish in the pond

DIY Garden Decoration Projects - Make your Own Garden Art

Koi fish pond observation tower - DIY garden pond aquarium: A German man made a cool glass observation tower in the pond, so his koi fish can enjoy a panoramic view of the garden.

Pond in a pot!

great garden pond idea made from a stock tank. dont have the tank but do have a round formal fountain that Ive converted into a koi/goldfish pond. just need the water plants.

Glass Table Top Turned into a garden water fountain. Get 5 more Creative Ideas for Upcycled Water Features

Glass Table Top Turned into a garden water fountain. Get 5 more Creative Ideas for Upcycled Water Features - Gardening Life Today

Water pump & whiskey barrel fountain

unusual and rustic water feature in the garden We have the pump jack and Whiskey barrel just need the little pond. This would be nice for a water feature in our backyard


Raised pond surrounded by a raised garden bed. The plants will shade the pond from the hot summer sun, you can raise tilapia or just a small goldfish pond. Would look great next to the patio/deck or among the raised garden boxes

Garden life friendly algae control. Water is crystal clear without chemicals

How to Keep Water Clear in Bird Baths and Ponds: Gardener's Supply