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Yes, This is what I hope to do with all the wine glasses especially for the vow goblet and the HIs and Her's flutes! Toast it up ladies and gentlemen!

DIY - Mercury Glass Tutorial - Full Step-by-Step Tutorial.

Mercury - Hearts Duo Beautiful “jewel”-encrusted trim on these reproduction mercury hearts.

Easy way to fake mercury glass and a great tutorial. I found the mirror spray at Hobby Lobby and used my coupon! Of course the glass ware is only $1 at your local dollar store or use what you have lying around. Total cost: around $1.50.

DIY Mercury Glass Tutorial - the best tutorial for this I have seen!

Create the Tarnished Silver/Mercury Glass Look With Spray Paint, Water and Vinegar! Super pretty and oh the possibilities...

Salvage Savvy: How to make [even better] Mercury Glass - this technique uses a coat of gold paint to warm up the silver.

DIY Mercury Glass Pumpkin tutorial - create your own mercury glass using spray paint! - TheFrugalHomemake...

DIY Mercury Glass - this was the fastest, cutest pin I've tried and it worked great! I totally turned my old glass anchor hocking vases into something super cute!

looking glass spray paint to inside of clear glasses, do 5 light apps w/one minute between; then spray inside w/half vinegar and half water. leave for 20 seconds; with soft cloth dampened with vin/water, dab up and down to remove some of the paint. then spray a light coat of the paint to cover where the paint was removed.